this was a beautiful and such a fun wedding!  my friend destiny breault and i braved the hot sun with everyone else and had a safari on a couple golf carts!  stuffing 14 people onto golf carts probably isn’t the best plan, but it was good times.  i laughed so much during this wedding because of all the fun people i was working with!  you guys are the best 🙂

and this last one just makes me smile:


here i go!

July 1, 2010

this is a crazy couple of weeks for me.  last week was royal family kids camp (the greatest camp on earth, by the way)…i’m not allowed to take pictures there, but my camper made the best hat in the world and my friend scott got a picture of it.  the camp director said i could post it, so i am.

what an angry little child.

so after a week of sweating in the hot sun and chasing after furious seven-year-olds, i had a wedding!  i was exhausted just thinking about it the day before, but once i got there, i had a blast.  destiny and i went on a safari on a couple golf carts with the wedding party…woot.

here’s a small taste of what is to come:

i am now off to florida for the week and i’m taking a break…partly because i wanna spend time with my best friend, and partly because i don’t think i will have room to pack my computer!  i shall come back and edit these photos like a crazy person, but until then, these will have to do.


June 19, 2010

sunday is camp!  it’s crazy that it’s that time again.  dang.  and the day after camp, i have a wedding.  i hope i can stay awake!  then a week after that, i go to florida.  busy times.  busy times.

couple weeks back, i went with my family to colorado for the weekend.  we stayed at a cabin in estes park.  it was an interesting weekend…from watching a lady get trampled by a horse and have her leg broken, to people getting “lost” on a mountain, we had good times.

the boys made a paper airplane

mom was having weird moments.  i’m sure she appreciates me putting this up.

i love this picture of grandpa.

since we were there to celebrate grandma and grandpa’s 50th anniversary, i thought getting in a family picture would be a good idea.  there was a tripod situation and uncooperative people, but i finally got to use my remote.  it may be obvious i’m holding it, but what can you do?

this little one was awesome.  i discovered her in a rest area on the way home.  we watched her carry three of her babies across a long stretch of lawn to safety.  it was full of cute.

this was a beautiful wedding. loved being there.  i convinced matt & court that they need to have a trash the dress session with me soon.  i’m very excited about that!  hopefully i will get those up soon.  anywho, here’s some of my favorites…

scott photo-bombed one of their pictures.  silly scott.

matt and courtney got married last weekend!  i’m still working on the photos…it was a crazy night full of surprises and tears so i didn’t get to do all that i had hoped, but they’re married!

i felt like i needed to post something, to at least show i’m still in the photo business, so i’m posting a picture of charley.

basically, he makes everything better.


April 30, 2010

my dear cousin rose reminded me that people are jerks and may want to steal my stuff.  to that i say, boo.  if you are stealing other people’s work, shame on you.


rose told me i can put a watermark on all my photos, but that just turns into a whole thing.  i have one, but i don’t use it.  mostly because i’m lazy.  but partly because the places online that i post my pictures aren’t that high in quality.  so if someone were to print them off, even as a 4 x 6, they lose because it will print off looking like crap.  so congrats on having a crappy framed picture when you could have paid a few dollars and been honest and got something good to hang on your wall.

i would hope that nobody would take my picture and claim that they took it.  but that’s on them, and Jesus knows.

there.  don’t steal that, jerks.

trish & casey

April 11, 2010

trish & casey are an amazing couple!  it was the first time destiny and i had done engagement pictures together and they were the perfect people to shoot for our great experiment.  destiny and i kept spouting off different ideas that probably made no sense and they would be all for it, or at least willing to try!  it was a great evening..lost the sun sooner than planned, but still a great time.

these are just the pictures i took.  destiny can use her own blog! 🙂

this one turned out just as i hoped!  i wasn’t for sure trish would be willing to balance precariously on my dang stool, but she was a trooper! [i mean, she was really floating, i don’t give away secrets]. but i’m glad it happened!

all that being said…i can’t WAIT for their wedding in june.  although it is the day right after my longest week of the year (camp!  with grade schoolers), i wouldn’t miss it.

lace neck extravaganza

March 31, 2010

yet another makeup session with the talented matt burns.  my friend destiny came here and since she is a photo-grapher like myself, matt did makeup on both of us and we took pictures of each other.  sad news is we got started with pictures late and not a whole lot of mine turned out.  but we did get some good ones inside…with my softbox!  loving that thing.

matt had the idea of making a neck thing (i’m sure there’s an actual term for this) by painting a neck and adding lace over it to paint cool patterns.  it turned out amazingly.  some of the flowers were so clear and perfect…i was very impressed.  but we kinda wanted a darker scene for destiny’s look, so the fact that it was dark as dark outside didn’t ruin things.


March 29, 2010

this is another makeup day with our lovely courtney.  she patiently let matt play with her makeup and outfit and killed me with her eyes as i messed with her hair…

but once we got outside doing stuff, i remembered that she is the best to take pictures of.  this is because she is super adventurous.  she will jump on anything that looks like it needs to be jumped on.  in heeled boots, no less.  made everyone a bit nervous, but she’s our little monkey.  that sounded weird.  but seriously, she wouldn’t stop climbing and jumping.

since she is such a trooper, we had another try at makeup.  it was the three of us going nuts and brainstorming and having lovely ideas.  but while matt painted courtney, i went to walmart to get my supplies to make my own softbox.  genius!  it turned out awesome.

but for whatever reason, my new light made courtney’s hair a bit red.  her hair is nothing like red.

i thought it would be a good idea to start up a photo blog, so i am.  i also thought that these pictures would be an excellent way to start.

my friend matt wants to be a make-up artist and i need practice with my new camera.  put those together and we get fun photo shoots.  we did make-up and outfits, grabbed some balloons and made sharie dance around the park.  it was a good afternoon.