June 19, 2010

sunday is camp!  it’s crazy that it’s that time again.  dang.  and the day after camp, i have a wedding.  i hope i can stay awake!  then a week after that, i go to florida.  busy times.  busy times.

couple weeks back, i went with my family to colorado for the weekend.  we stayed at a cabin in estes park.  it was an interesting weekend…from watching a lady get trampled by a horse and have her leg broken, to people getting “lost” on a mountain, we had good times.

the boys made a paper airplane

mom was having weird moments.  i’m sure she appreciates me putting this up.

i love this picture of grandpa.

since we were there to celebrate grandma and grandpa’s 50th anniversary, i thought getting in a family picture would be a good idea.  there was a tripod situation and uncooperative people, but i finally got to use my remote.  it may be obvious i’m holding it, but what can you do?

this little one was awesome.  i discovered her in a rest area on the way home.  we watched her carry three of her babies across a long stretch of lawn to safety.  it was full of cute.


this was a beautiful wedding. loved being there.  i convinced matt & court that they need to have a trash the dress session with me soon.  i’m very excited about that!  hopefully i will get those up soon.  anywho, here’s some of my favorites…

scott photo-bombed one of their pictures.  silly scott.