April 30, 2010

my dear cousin rose reminded me that people are jerks and may want to steal my stuff.  to that i say, boo.  if you are stealing other people’s work, shame on you.


rose told me i can put a watermark on all my photos, but that just turns into a whole thing.  i have one, but i don’t use it.  mostly because i’m lazy.  but partly because the places online that i post my pictures aren’t that high in quality.  so if someone were to print them off, even as a 4 x 6, they lose because it will print off looking like crap.  so congrats on having a crappy framed picture when you could have paid a few dollars and been honest and got something good to hang on your wall.

i would hope that nobody would take my picture and claim that they took it.  but that’s on them, and Jesus knows.

there.  don’t steal that, jerks.


trish & casey

April 11, 2010

trish & casey are an amazing couple!  it was the first time destiny and i had done engagement pictures together and they were the perfect people to shoot for our great experiment.  destiny and i kept spouting off different ideas that probably made no sense and they would be all for it, or at least willing to try!  it was a great evening..lost the sun sooner than planned, but still a great time.

these are just the pictures i took.  destiny can use her own blog! 🙂

this one turned out just as i hoped!  i wasn’t for sure trish would be willing to balance precariously on my dang stool, but she was a trooper! [i mean, she was really floating, i don’t give away secrets]. but i’m glad it happened!

all that being said…i can’t WAIT for their wedding in june.  although it is the day right after my longest week of the year (camp!  with grade schoolers), i wouldn’t miss it.