lace neck extravaganza

March 31, 2010

yet another makeup session with the talented matt burns.  my friend destiny came here and since she is a photo-grapher like myself, matt did makeup on both of us and we took pictures of each other.  sad news is we got started with pictures late and not a whole lot of mine turned out.  but we did get some good ones inside…with my softbox!  loving that thing.

matt had the idea of making a neck thing (i’m sure there’s an actual term for this) by painting a neck and adding lace over it to paint cool patterns.  it turned out amazingly.  some of the flowers were so clear and perfect…i was very impressed.  but we kinda wanted a darker scene for destiny’s look, so the fact that it was dark as dark outside didn’t ruin things.



March 29, 2010

this is another makeup day with our lovely courtney.  she patiently let matt play with her makeup and outfit and killed me with her eyes as i messed with her hair…

but once we got outside doing stuff, i remembered that she is the best to take pictures of.  this is because she is super adventurous.  she will jump on anything that looks like it needs to be jumped on.  in heeled boots, no less.  made everyone a bit nervous, but she’s our little monkey.  that sounded weird.  but seriously, she wouldn’t stop climbing and jumping.

since she is such a trooper, we had another try at makeup.  it was the three of us going nuts and brainstorming and having lovely ideas.  but while matt painted courtney, i went to walmart to get my supplies to make my own softbox.  genius!  it turned out awesome.

but for whatever reason, my new light made courtney’s hair a bit red.  her hair is nothing like red.

i thought it would be a good idea to start up a photo blog, so i am.  i also thought that these pictures would be an excellent way to start.

my friend matt wants to be a make-up artist and i need practice with my new camera.  put those together and we get fun photo shoots.  we did make-up and outfits, grabbed some balloons and made sharie dance around the park.  it was a good afternoon.